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Aurangabad with Daulatabad, Khuldabad and Ahmadnagar by Pushkar Sohoni

In ColourThis guidebook focuses on four cities and sites in Maharashtra of exceptional historical im..

INR 499

Badami, Aihole, Pattadakal by George Michell

In ColourThe town of Badami, the nearby villages of Aihole and Pattadakal, and the pilgrimage site o..

INR 499

Bombay Gothic by Christopher W London

In ColourThe Gothic Revival architectural style, innovatively adapted to local conditions, was intro..

INR 499

Elephanta by George Michell

In ColourThe 6th-century rock-cut cave temple on Elephanta island, in the middle of Mumbai harbour, ..

INR 499

Filmsangitna E Madhura Varsho by Ashok Dave

૧૯૩૧થી ૧૯૬૬ સુધીની હિન્દી ફિલ્મોનાં ગીતો, સંગીતકારો, ગાયકો અને કલાકારો વિશે હળવી શૈલીમાં માહિતીજન્ય ..

INR 375

Hampi Vijayanagara by John M Fritz and George Michell

In ColourHampi is one of the most beautiful and evocative of all historical sites in south India. Au..

INR 499

Hyderabad, Golconda by Marika Sardar

In ColourThis guidebook is the first to showcase the magnificent monuments of the twin cities of Gol..

INR 499

Juni Filmona Gayako by Ashok Dave

હિન્દી ફિલ્મોના ૪૬ સદાબહાર ગાયક-ગાયિકાઓના જીવનની રસપ્રદ વાતો...

INR 350

Portuguese Sea Forts Goa, with Chaul, Korlai and Vasai by Amita Kanekar

In ColourThe Portuguese presence on the Arabian Sea coast of the Deccan dates from the beginning of ..

INR 499